@1:1          interstice/threshold

Each student was asked to produce a beautiful yet obsessive black and white 1:1 isometric drawing, which explores either interstice or threshold. This drawing must ideally be drawn in AutoCAD, but be at least 2m in height (portrait) or at least 2m in length (landscape) and be printed for the silent reviews. There was a need for the students to jump in scale from the strategic and the research scale to the exploratory scale of human life, which still includes the wonderful investigations, findings and propositions that they had make.  These drawings were reviewed using the silent review methodology where only further drawings added onto the original drawings could take place.  It stopped the students taking too much about aspects of the drawings which you could not see and allowed them to communivate through drawing.

@1:1must address ALL of the following – the real life issues of domesticity, the social issues of your community PLUS, the voices of histories and herstories, human occupation, human movement, gender difference, gender inequality, the inside, the outside, the immediate site, the Cheetham Hill physical environment, issues of public, issues of private, and materials.


INTERSTICE is an intervening space, especially one which is very small, one which is between things or parts, an interval between things or has deep social and emotional significance

THRESHOLD is the outset, the place or point of beginning, the point at which something will/might happen or the starting point of an experience.


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