MSA Praxis is a BA3 atelier at the Manchester School of Architecture.  We investigate real communities whilst using the architectural, research and creative skills of the students in parallel with the deep local knowledge of residents.  Praxis is run by Helen Aston and Sarah Renshaw.  All projects were generated through a varying degree of contact and collaboration with residents and the only parameter stipulated is that the students are required to work on housing, in addition to a community resource that is identified and chosen individually   The student’s early group investigations helped them to determine, define and refine their own ideas into a project while immersing themselves within the community.  Ultimately not creating projects driven by a polemic but proposals grounded in current live connections with stakeholders who completely understand the particulars of that place.  MSA Praxis is new within the BA atelier system but builds upon the successful work of MSA Projects in the M.Arch and has successfully collaborated with 5th year M.Arch students on multi agency events at the Urban Living Lab in Cheetham Hill District Centre.


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