MSA Praxis, CHEETHAM HILL 2013-14
this is what we do…   summary of projects this year

  your project? your community? site/s?
Billy Adams YOUNG BOYS WORKING CLUB under qualified 16-25 yr olds old cemetery and old police station
Will Priest MELTING POT   old cemetery
George Williams ACCESS TO HOMES AND WORK unemployed unskilled social tenants old cemetery and library
Archontia Manolakelli CHEETHAM HILL YOUNG PEOPLE’S MENTAL HEALTH CENTRE young people old cemetery and old police station
Jess Mulvey STUDIO 8 younger people old police station
Katy Foster intergeneration kitchen and co-housing young families and older people old cemetery
Taniya Ittan FOOD HUB [?]


youth and older people, people wanting to build networks old cemetery
Georgina Naish ROOTS/ROUTES young carers library
Catherine Bason CHEETHAM HILL LEARNING ANNEXE WORKING POPULATION 16+ old cemetery and library
Adegbemiro Adebimpe SINGLE MOTHERS CENTRE AND MARKET single mothers old cemetery and old police station
Joe Smith FACTORY + FRAMEWORK long term unemployed old police station and library
Julia Smith CLINK RESTAURANT ex prisoners library
Warren Walker THE YARD YOUTH CENTRE young people old cemetery
Eden Tarn YOUTH MUSIC CENTRE AND SUPPORTED HOUSING young people, especially those at risk old cemetery
James Kinnear CHEETHAM LIBRARY TRANSFORMATION isolated and disconnected residents and homeless migrant community old cemetery and library
Lin Lee Cheng COMMUNITY GARDEN AND TRAINING CENTRE homeless young people (18-25) old cemetery
Hannah Summers SECRET GARDEN WOMEN’S CENTRE vulnerable women and victims of domestic abuse library
Ellie Keyes CITY FARM AND FOOD women and school kids old cemetery and old police station
Sheel Doshi WOMEN’S HAPPINESS CENTRE women and vulnerable women old cemetery
Sophie Hodges KNITTERS knitters of Cheetham Hill and sufferers of mental health issues library
Georgina Oppenheimer RE-HABITATE: HOMELESS REHABILATION CENTRE homeless people old cemetery and library
Konrad Koltun CAPTILALING ON THE EVERYDAY – THE LAUNDRY EDITION low income, underqualified and immigrant families old cemetery and library
Emma Naylor BLURRED BOUNDARIES isolated stay at home mums in Cheetham Hill old cemetery and library
Adelina Nedelcu ADVICE CENTRE AND TRAINING WORKSHOPS immigrants old police station

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